A Short Story About Us

We are a husband and wife team (Craig and Jo) with over 40 years experience combined in the fashion industry. We have both worked with many fantastic high end brands, and in that time we've learned the value of quality product, with great design and attention to detail.

The Pandemic has personally effected our lives, and as with many families, the situation has made us think differently about our future. Health and happiness is now a priority.

We wanted to create a small business from home that would benefit the public while the pandemic is still with us and give our family more time together. It is important to us to give back to those who give so much. We donate thousands of masks to charities such as food banks so that those who are struggling financially can also be protected. We also have sent masks to hospitals in India and care homes in our local area.

Good design is something we are both passionate about. Craig is an award winning designer and from the day he left college in 1997 he has worked with some fantastic designer brands, and this is how we met. We both have been fortunate enough to have travelled around the world with our jobs, and along the way we have met amazing talented people, many who we now call friends. We have partnered up with one such friend who is now our supplier in Turkey. We have both worked with them for over 15 years. Their primary business is garments, but we've been able to develop this collection with them quickly due to growing demand for this product. Face coverings are beginning to be seen as an accessory that will be with us for some time to come so its important to find one you like. We can help you with this!

We are selling face masks in assorted designs and will be adding new designs seasonally. The first collection is very classic with unisex appeal. With our knowledge of seasonal product we will be keeping up with trend and adding new designs regularly.

Our company value is simple, we want to provide our customers with peace of mind that we will provide the best quality product and service possible.

We all need to try to make this new world a better place for others, to show kindness and consideration, to maintain the community spirit we've seen over the last year, stay connected to friends and family, get creative and stay positive!

'Your mask keeps me safe and my mask keeps you safe'.